Game Space

Game Architecture is a blog about games, their spaces and the design of both.

I think about Video Games
In here I’ll be mostly writing about video games. Be it a review of a game’s design, an observation I made during playing or tips and tricks for Level Design. Most posts will somehow focus or deal with the game environment. Mostly because that’s a topic I’m very interested in given my architectural background.

And I think about Physical Games
Apart from computer games I’ll also use this blog as an outlet about my thoughts on physical games. This will mostly be role-playing games but a card or board gaming post might pop up now and again. And of course there will be the occasional personal tidbit mixed in.


Martin Nerurkar

Oh and by the way, this thing is being written by me, Martin Nerurkar.

I love games.
I have been a game design enthusiast all my life: As a child I started off designing simple board games and taught myself the BASIC programming language on a Commodore C64 in an attempt to build my own video games.

This passion led me to embrace Role-Playing Games as a creative outlet, both as designer and end-user. It was this drive that pushed me to my first forays into modding on the Quake 1 engine from id Software.

And I love to create.
From my first steps in Deluxe Paint on the Amiga 500 to my career as a digital designer and artist for visualization: I have always desired to “build” something.

This has carried over into my interest in furniture design and architecture, which lead to my studies in architecture and this drive still persists today. Whether I am writing fan supplements for my favorite role-playing game or designing websites for a client.

You can find out more about me and my work on my portfolio website.

And if you want to follow my day-to-day hijinks, you can check out my twitter account.