Building Blocks

A lot of my creative juice is spent on personal projects

I build all kinds of stuff
Among my projects are a few websites. Of course there’s the Game Architecture blog you’re reading right now, but there’s even more!

Martin Nerurkar
This is my portfolio. Here I present myself and my work. There’s pictures of various 2d and 3d art I’ve done in the past. It also has a couple nice pictures of my previous projects, even the commercial ones. So if you’re interested in hiring me for (game, web, level, 3d, graphic) design services, be sure to give the website a look.

This website is a cooperative blog about Flash Games I write with a few friends. Whenever one of us comes across a cool or interesting Flash Game we put it up on the blog. It’s grown to be a nice resource. So if you need to kill some time, check it out and play some of the games. There are a couple real gems in there.

but most of it is games
Apart from thinking and writing way too much I also occasionaly pour way too much time into some random game projects. Below are the ones that are worth mentioning.

Eden Eclipse
This baby is another big, big project. As a singleplayer mod developed for Unreal Tournament 2004 it takes place in a science-fiction universe. It’s still available for download if you want to give it a spin.

Navy SEALs: Covert Operations
My first real, big mod. Well okay, it was the second but the first that really got somewhere. Built to run on Quake 3, this baby is a realistic tactical shooter that we developed way before Counter Strike was a hit. Plus we got a coveted Mod of the Year award from the moddb website once.

This website is my depository for all the supplemental material I created for my favorite role-playing games. So far there’s a lot of stuff for only one system but I do plan to eventually make all the assorted crap I have on my hard drive avilable there.

Another role-playing game project. This time it’s my own system. Or rather my attempt at repurposing one of my favorite systems, the One Roll Engine (ORE) to work with one of my favorite settings, the world of Exalted. It’s not finished yet but I’m quite happy with it so far.

A jointly developed setting for a role-playing game. This website is currently little more than a placeholder.