Edge Panel on Architecture and Videogames

I just stumbled over this feature from Edge magazine called Architecture and Videogames. It’s a recording of a panel on – who would have guessed – Games and Architecture. It’s avilable as an mp3 on the link above and it’s really interesting. I’ve found inspiration to get back to two blog articles I’ve already started. Be warned though, the recording is quite long.

The panel is made up out of a mix of people who have a background in both architecture and video game development. They do make a lot of interesting points on what digital game architecture is and how it relates to physical architecture. I particularly liked the comments about the design of experiences, something that’s firmly in the realm of level design. It’s the job of a level to provide an entertaining joyride with highs and lows. On the other hand there’s few architectural spaces that are designed to provide experiences. The few exceptions that do are things like theme parks or monumental architecture.

2 thoughts on “Edge Panel on Architecture and Videogames

  1. That’s correct. That’s actually how I found the article. Coming from your blogpost on the GDC Europe I stumbled over his name and went on a stroll through the web eventually tripping over that interesting feature.

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