Sunday Links #12

Another meaty sert of links for this week. A bunch of interesting stuff has been happening. Commentary will be a bit brief though, since I’m pressed for time.

Oddly enough, the rise of the nerds ™ has become so hilariously mainstream, that the coolest character in a super hero movie are the nerds. Nice to see, considering I self-identify as a nerd. I am wondering though if nerds no longer glorify “jocks” but instead “nerds”. It’s not just about the Hulk, it’s a lot about Banner being a scientist. Regardless of my musings: the movie is indeed as awesome as people say so go watch it. Quick before the heavy meme-ification of the movie spoils you.

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Sunday Links #7

After some offline time during this week Gamearch is finally back. Unfortunately we had a compromised account and some injected malware code on the website so the blog was set up from scratch, which also explains the different theme. This might change back to the original should I find time to do so. Unfortunately because of this (and other work) I didn’t share too much today, so there’s only a few items today:

Video: John Cleese on Creativity (1991)

In this lecture video John Cleese explains his observations and theories on how creativity works. He cities a few scientific articles and experiments in his talk and there’s plenty of his trademark british humor. Even though this video it’s over 20 years old by now I still believe it holds very much true. The main gist of his talk is that there’s to “mental modes” in which we can operate: Open (spontaneous, unjudging, unfocused, humorous, creative) and Closed (focused, productive, goal-oriented).

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Sunday Links #4

Round 4. This time with a bit more audio material, so enjoy the pretty pictures, videos and tunes. Also note that since I will be at GDC next week I won’t be able to provide you with a link list for next weekend. I will however try to tweet during the conference to keep you people updated. Follow me at @mnerurkar. Regular programming will resume afterwards however.

Link: Mapstalgia Tumblr

Mapstalgia is a blog about video game maps drawn from memory. It’s an excellent insight into how people perceive spaces and the topic of “cognitive maps“. Also there’s some sweet nostalgia in there such as the map of the Maniac Mansion pictured above.

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