Awesome Location Ideas on Facebook

So you might have noticed the Awesome Location Ideas ideas on facebook (Granted you’re likely to not have). On there Kai from Nevigo posts photographs from around the world to inspire designers, writers, artists and other people.

There’s a wealth of great pictures there. Granted, most of it is derelict and abandoned places but these have a certain charm. So if you’re interested in the topic of space (which you are likely to be judging from you looking at this page) give it a look.

Especially since I’ve joined him and will be starting to bring my brand of space and inspiration to the page. Where Kai focuses on photographs I will try and add concept artwork from artists around the world. If you’re interested and want to have some inspiring images in your stream every now and then simply like the page. Also if you have nice artwork, feel free to send it our way – please refer an artist though since we do not want to upload images without proper credit.

We hope you enjoy what we do.

Also yes, I’m still working on the Archetypical Spaces articles. A new one will be up sometimes this month. I promise.

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