Sunday Links #5

Images: Travel poster
A set of hilarious posters showing travel destinations for the lazy stay-at-home nerds.

Link: What Would Molydeux

A twitter joke that grew into a real game jam, WWMD is an attempt to make the hilarious tweets of @petermolydeux, the Peter Molyneux parody account, into actual games.

Music: Ed Sheeran – A-Team

Video: Video Game Design Tool
A neat little video showing every designer’s dream tool for development. Granted the example isn’t really that useful and the tool is probably very specialized but it shows a good approach on how to improve the iteration speed of game development. Supposedly the video is from Bret Victor whose website is a pretty neat thing in itself.

Image: XKCD on communication
Another very poignant comic from XKCD. This time on communication and it manages to explain the problem of communication without using any words at all. Since communication is central to game development (and any team project for that matter) being aware of the fragility of humany communication is a good thing. In the comic the issue is resolved by actually showing the problem at hand instead of talking about it. If that doesn’t work I found that having your counterpart try to restate what you said in their own words. That’s a good way to double-check if they truly understood what you wanted to say.

Link: Your Meat is Mine Tattoo
Tattoos from a Canadian called Yann Black. I stumbled over them after spotting one in the wild – I just had to ask where she had her tattoo from. Yann’s work is very different from the usual fare you see: It’s a lot more graphic-designer-y. Very fragile linework, abstract imagery. I found them very evocative, maybe you do too.

Link: GDC Slide List
An unofficial List compiled by Javier Arévalo Baeza that contains all the publically released slides from this years GDC in San Francisco. Speaking of the GDC, I do plan to do a couple of small write ups of the different sessions, giving a few paragraphs each on what I tought of them.

Video: NUIverse, a program using the Microsoft surface table
Interesting and well done. There are no really new concepts here and a few of the things shown seem very impractical to me but as a whole this looks like a well done and polished product.

Link: The Dunning-Kruger Effect
A psychological bias that tells us that it is impossible to actually properly assess your own abilities if you are truly incompetent. I stumbled over this in one of the GDC lectures and found it interesting.

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