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  1. Hm. There’s a lot of articles about that online. For example check out http://www.gamecareerguide.com. These guys focus on that kind of stuff.

    However if you’re asking for my opinion:

    If you’ve worked on any game projects before, mention them. This doesn’t mean that you should post all your 200 tetris clones with 2 pictures each but you should certainly mention them in one way or another. Also make sure to point out what tasks exactly you took care of on these projects. Aside from that I think it’s preferable to many companies if this stuff is available online as a PDF.

    Also note that I actually have two PDFs. There’s my personal CV, which lists only the important projects and does so briefly. This one focuses on giving an overview over myself and my skills. If you want to look at mine, you can find it at my portfolio website http://www.martin.nerurkar.de.

    The second PDF is purely for projects. It adds more detail, with pictures, short bullet point descriptions of the projects and more detail on what I did within the team. That one isn’t online though.

    What else? Be presentable and knowledgeable. If you get to an interview, try to communicate your passion for games. For example if you get asked about your favorite game, be sure to explain why it is from a game design point of view.

    Does that in any way help?

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