“Qualities of Virtual Goods” @bgf2010

Just got back from the Browsergames Forum 2010 and it seems like the presentation from Volker and me was a success:

We’ve had a packed room, even though it was too hard to find and not really in the schedule. The talk itself went really good, even though the handheld microphone was a bit of a bother. And then after the talk we got lot of positive feedback from the audience, through twitter and all through the rest of the forum. I’ve even had someone compliment me on the talk in the men’s room.

Right on.

As for the talk: I’ll be putting the slides up shortly. We’ll have to adjust a few things first. Watch this space for the download coming sometime in the next few days.

3 thoughts on ““Qualities of Virtual Goods” @bgf2010

  1. I was kinda surprised when your session started (since it was the wrong day) and was even more irritated by the fact that no one announced that there would be a different session in this spot. But I enjoyed your presentation and agree with many of the things you said.

  2. Well the online program featured us at 14:00 on Friday. Originally we were on Saturday but since someone dropped out we were pulled to Friday, a fact for which I’m pretty grateful, since Saturday was very empty. Anyway, the program in the bags was just plain wrong and worste of all they didn’t even bother correcting that mistake.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed our presentation.

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