Anno Wii (Dawn of Discovery) on Metacritic

I’ve posted about Anno: Create a New World (aka Dawn of Discovery in the US) before. I’ve done Level Design and Scripting on both the Wii and DS platforms. With the impending US release the amount of reviews on the Metacritic page is slowly increasing.

Anno Score on Metacritic

With enough reviews now, the game has currently got a Metacritic rating of 83. Which ranks Anno as 28th of all Wii games on Metacritic (out of 421). Not bad, if I may say so.

2 thoughts on “Anno Wii (Dawn of Discovery) on Metacritic

  1. Congratulations! Obviously, the Keen chapter has been closed (?)
    But I somehow thought you were involved in this (have been watching Keen’s releases for some time). Now finally I get the affirmation.

    Why I write in English – I don’t know..

  2. That’s true. Keen’s over for me now. But I’m still very proud of what we’ve accomplished there. Anno’s a good title and I urge you to give it a try 😉

    Besides Anno I was also involved in the DS and PSP versions of G-Force a movie game. Not as proud of that one, I have to admit but then again I wasn’t that involved there.

    Either way, how are you doing?

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