Experiencing Environments lecture

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been collecting material and planning my upcoming lecture at the International Film School in Cologne.

Today I’m finally sitting down to really flesh it out and as a little teaser I’ve uploaded the opening image and an introductory slide. As you can see there the lecture is called Experiencing Environments.

It is about level design focuses on the topics of environmental storytelling and player navigation. The latter will mostly be information from my No More Wrong Turns article but the former is mostly new material compiled for this lecture.

Of course, once everything is done, the lecture is held and any possible feedback is incorporated I will upload it here to share with the greater gaming community.

In the meantime enjoy the previews and if you do have any additional material or interesting links on the topic, feel free to send them my way – there’s always room for more!

2 thoughts on “Experiencing Environments lecture

  1. There’s a couple of mistakes on the slide you’ve uploaded:

    “What Experiences is this Talk is about?” – you’ve got an extra “is” in there. Also, “about” should probably be capitalized.

    “This talk is focuses on two very specific…” – sounds like you’ve rewritten this sentence without cleaning it up afterwards (I always do that). Should either be “This talk is focused on…”, OR “This talk focuses on…”.

    “It is comparable to set design of movies and theather…” – you’ve got an extra “h” in theater. Stylistically, I’d be tempted to say “It is comparable to the set design of movies and theater”, or even “It is comparable to set design in movies and in the theater”.

    “… to subtly guide the visitor and/or his gaze in the indended…” – should be “intended”. This sentence is a little hard to parse, might do better as two sentences, or a sprinkling of commas. As you can tell, I love commas, personally! 😉

    Beyond that, I am very interested to see what comes out of this. I did my own presentation on environmental storytelling and navigation aides myself – it’s not exactly groundbreaking these days, but maybe it’ll reaffirm your own theories 🙂


    (Remember to turn on speaker notes for all the juicy infoz. ;))

  2. Hehe. Thanks for your grammatical corrections. As you propably guessed, it’s still the first pass to put in all the content. I’ll give it a proper read once it’s all come together and get another pair of ees on it. Your feedback is still well and truly appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to do that.

    I’ll be sure to look into your notes. Thanks for those too!

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