Mass Effect N7 Nerf Maverick

So it turns out that I’ve become a pretty big Mass Effect Nerd nowadays. Just following my Pinterest profile probably tipped you off already. That said I have started looking to small physical hobby projects that keep me busy and give me something entirely different to do than sitting in front of the computer all day. Modding a NERF has been on the list for quite a while and after seeing some pretty awesome Mass Effect NERF mods and props on the web I decided to try my hand at this too.

So here’s my N7 Nerf Maverick, my first NERF mod/paintjob but probably not my last:

8 thoughts on “Mass Effect N7 Nerf Maverick

  1. Wonderful job, Martin! The subtle weathering works very well!

  2. Thanks. I spent way too much money and time on this but it was worth it, both for the hours simply spent relaxing and painting and the end result.

  3. Hey, nice job. Am a big mass effect fan so im trying to find a nice N7 paint guide for my maverick. You dont mind if I copy yours do you? by the way did u sand down ur maverick 1st before you paint? or did u just paint it over? and also what kind of paint did u use? or did u use spray paint?

    thanks for the help dude and again nice job 🙂

  4. Yeah, feel free to copy mine. I’m honored that you like the gun that much.

    As for my process: Yes, I disassembled and sanded the gun by hand. To both roughen up the surface and to get rid of the many NERF tags and warning labels. I wasn’t as through there as I should have been. I couldn’t really see them when I was done but after putting on the color they reapearred again, so be really careful there.

    I used a black spray paint for all visible parts. Then painted the grey, white and red by hand. For the N7 Logo I cut out the shape out of masking tape and then stuck that to the gun and painted into the mask. After it was dry I peeled it off.

    Also I used a knife to cut in scratches into the gun (before coloring). Those i later colored silver to make them metal-y

  5. Afraid this is too time-consuming a task that the price would be too high to make any sense as a purchase. Thanks for asking though 🙂

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