Sunday Links #14

I’ve been pretty busy this week so there’s only a few pictures today:

Image: Indies Assemble

An illustration made for Jumpbutton Magazine featuring the assorted heroes of the more recent indie darlings. Neat little picture and if you click through you can get it in wallpaper size for a variety of devices. Also part of this illustration is something I’ve seen popping up more often recently: A sort of polygon-art effect. Where pixel art used to be all the rage you can now start to see abstracted art using angular lines and color fills to create a sort of polygonized look.

Image: Old Movie Posters
Speaking of polygon-style art: Here’s another set of great examples.

Image: What I learned from Video Games
What I thought to be a very motivating look at video games. Filtered through the lense of positivity and optimism the pictures depict messages and mottos derived from various iconic heroes. A very neat way to show the positive effect and (self-)image that games can convey. These are originally from *paperbeatsscissors. I hope you enjoy them.

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