Sunday Links #16

Image: Pulp Fighter 2

from Filippo Morini

Link: Kotaku Article about The Game Development Career Diagram
The Game Career flowchart I built a couple days back went a tad bit viral over the weekend and got so far as to be featured on Kotaku. That’s certainly a slightly surreal experience.

Video: Wreck it Ralph

Link: CVG Booth Babes Article
This article is nothing much but a collection of E3 booth babe photographs. By itself that’s odd enough but the language used in the opening paragraph was truly horrendous. It has since been scrubbed clean but here’s an article on the topic and the twitter outrage.

Link: Recommended Reading for Game Designers
A list of non-game design books that game designers should read. Certainly an interesting list and I’ll keep on the lookout for those books. The few book from that list that I’ve already read I can definitely recommend.

Link: Microsoft Trueskill Matchmaking algorithm
A look at the matchmaking algortihm Microsoft is using on Xbox Live. It’s called Trueskill and is elaborated on in the article above.

Video: The Saga of Bjorn

Link: John Carmack ranting about Head-Mounted-Displays
I don’t know why but I always love listening to John Carmack. He is so enthusiastic and seems to go about things in a very intelligent and brainy yet pragmatic way. On many topics of his I only understand parts of what he’s rambling about but it’s always a pleasure to listen.

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