Creating a Living World

There’s a new video (one of hundreds) for Dragon Age: Origins out. Compared to the Marilyn Manson gore & tits fests of the other trailers this one is actually worth a look. Granted it’s still primarily a piece of promotional video but they touch on a few interesting points. A little bit about the visual design and the workflow.

They even bring up a few ideas I have lined up for yet another article about game spaces. And no, it’s not the one about boss fights…

Anyway, enough bla bla, here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “Creating a Living World

  1. I do not think the fantasy genre is “saturated”. But nevertheless – I am looking forward to this game (PC version, most likely).

  2. I do think they have a point – there’s a lot of “fantasy” out there that’s just kinda bland and generic. Just something roughly D&D inspired with orcs and trolls and things. I do dig their darker take on things. Stuff like elves being beings second class and stuff. Not entirely original but at least they’re making an attempt.

    Not sure if the game’s my sort of game though. The combat will propably be a bit too slow. I’m more looking forward to Mass Effect 2 sometime in 2010.

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