Still here – just busy.

Shadow of the ColossusHey everyone. I’m still around and I’m sorry it’s been quiet again for so long. The usual excuse of being busy applies, but it’s not just life and work:

I’ve started working on another bigger article. It started out as a small work related piece of research and has grown into a bigger article about Bosses and Boss Fights in video games. I hope to be able to post it this month.

Maybe I’ll be able to do a few smaller pieces in the meantime, but don’t count on it.

2 thoughts on “Still here – just busy.

  1. It’s coming. I promise. I’ve just gotta do the final writeup and look for fitting pictures, latter of which always takes much longer than you’d think. Also I’m still thinking about whether I’ll post this on the blog or submit it as a Gamasutra article.

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