Miegakure is a four-dimensional puzzle platformer. And when I say four dimensional, I don’t mean to use the 4th to refer to time or something equally lame. No, another actual spacial dimension. As far as I can tell the in-development game is played in three dimensions and at the push of a button one of the dimensions can be exchanged with another one. An intriguing concept and worth to watch for the mindbending spaces it is bound to create.

I won’t pretend to know how this is supposed to work but it certainly is interesting. Here’s a video that might help

One thought on “Miegakure

  1. looks interesting … but imhop, the video doesn’t really convey the concept of the “4th dimension” (i.e. hyper space) … it just shows a modal situation where you can push the ring into its significant other. said modal situation could also depict spacetime. but then – who am i to judge without having played it;-)?

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