Sunday Links #15

Another batch of links for this week. This time we’ll start off with two shameless self-promotions:

Image: Game Design Career Diagram

If you want to find out what kind of Game Development job you should be doing, then consult the above diagram. Also handy to check if you’re currently in the right job for you.

Also, just to make sure I’m not misunderstood: This is an attempt at humor. I’ve spent a couple hours spread out over the last weeks to craft this politically incorrect diagram. It was originally inspired by the Career Diagram. Compared to the inspiration I have to admit I might have gone a little over-board regarding the size of the thing (and thus the complexity). In my defense: there were just too many cynical jokes to make to pass up! 🙂

Feel free to share.

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Sunday Links #14

I’ve been pretty busy this week so there’s only a few pictures today:

Image: Indies Assemble

An illustration made for Jumpbutton Magazine featuring the assorted heroes of the more recent indie darlings. Neat little picture and if you click through you can get it in wallpaper size for a variety of devices. Also part of this illustration is something I’ve seen popping up more often recently: A sort of polygon-art effect. Where pixel art used to be all the rage you can now start to see abstracted art using angular lines and color fills to create a sort of polygonized look.

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Mass Effect N7 Nerf Maverick

So it turns out that I’ve become a pretty big Mass Effect Nerd nowadays. Just following my Pinterest profile probably tipped you off already. That said I have started looking to small physical hobby projects that keep me busy and give me something entirely different to do than sitting in front of the computer all day. Modding a NERF has been on the list for quite a while and after seeing some pretty awesome Mass Effect NERF mods and props on the web I decided to try my hand at this too.

So here’s my N7 Nerf Maverick, my first NERF mod/paintjob but probably not my last:

Sunday Links #12

Another meaty sert of links for this week. A bunch of interesting stuff has been happening. Commentary will be a bit brief though, since I’m pressed for time.

Oddly enough, the rise of the nerds ™ has become so hilariously mainstream, that the coolest character in a super hero movie are the nerds. Nice to see, considering I self-identify as a nerd. I am wondering though if nerds no longer glorify “jocks” but instead “nerds”. It’s not just about the Hulk, it’s a lot about Banner being a scientist. Regardless of my musings: the movie is indeed as awesome as people say so go watch it. Quick before the heavy meme-ification of the movie spoils you.

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